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DIMITRA & ELENI AGIANNI OE was established in November 2001 by two sisters & entrepreneurs: Mrs. Dimitra Agianni and Mrs. Eleni Agianni. Zaharias Agiannis (our father) is responsible for the general co-ordination of the enterprise.

The Company specializes in imports of quality, pet feeding products from Europe, and has been developing quickly since the very beginning. Now we supply a large number of retail outlets in Central Greece (mainly in Tthessaly region) and Sporades Islands.

We always try our best, nevertheless we will appreciate your comments and suggestions how we could further improve our services. To share your views with us please contact us.

Our company, located in Volos -which is considered to be one of the biggest ports of Greece as well as one of the major commercial sites, since it is located in the central Greece- was founded in 2001 and in as soon as little time interval accomplished it develops in one of the more important pet food importers in the area.

Dimitra and Helen Agianni are in charge of the company, while Zaharias Agiannis is responsible for the general co-ordination of the enterprise.

Our company aims at providing high quality pet food & forages (mainly imported from the Netherlands and Spain), in competitive prices, so that it provides in Greek consumer products with the highest quality in the market in the better possible price.

Our products are being delivered via the distribution network of our company. Our aim is to accomplish the possible shorter time delivery of products. Our target group is super-markets, mini -markets, pet-shops and selected shops.

Objective of our company are high quality services and products and competitive prices.
We keep developing continuously, so as to improve in the biggest degree the benefits to the customers.

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